In Stellenbosch, we are working closely with government, non-profit organisations and land- and business owners to realise a vision for a more equitable society. We play an active role in the Stellenbosch Civic Association Network which provides a platform with Stellenbosch University also. We work in the neighbourhoods of Cloetesville, Jamestown, Klapmuts and Kylemore. Download our community profiles for more information on projects and partners.

News24 - Towards making a difference in Klapmuts



We are supporting cultural, social and economic development projects in Cloeteville, and play a role in improving services of pre-schools. Emerging entrepreneurs are also supported.

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Klapmuts has been designated a special development area and there are exciting mixed use development plans for the area. We track these developments while also creating a community hub at the school.

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Jamestown is a mixed income neighbourhood with rich and poor alike living in close proximities. We are working towards economic development and support the Strawberry Festival each year, among other.

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Kylemore is wedged between the Simonberg and Hottentots-Holland nature reserves and offers stunning views of the valley. We work towards vibrant home-based enterprises and safe recreational spaces.