Klapmuts Junior Academy Fagma Swart achievement

Congratulations to the principal of Klapmuts Junior Academy (KJA) Fagma Swart! Fagma has been recognised as the practitioner with the highest number of active days amongst The Reach Trust's sample group in Klapmuts. She makes use of free-to-use literacy apps developed by the Trust to enhance the learning experience of the kiddies in her care.

KJA is one of the beneficiaries of Nedbank's Proud about my Town programme for which Ranyaka is the implementing agent. The programme focuses on capacity-building, health & safety and nutrition. Nedbank also donated a container classroom to KJA earlier this year to help provide space for her growing school.


No single organisation or funder can transform the ECD landscape in South Africa. We all have a part to play and it is a privilege to work alongside specialists such as The Reach Trust who play a key role in transforming young lives.

Fagma is one of the true heroes in our country, investing in the lives of our children at a critical stage and shaping their futures today. Keep up the great work, KJA! To every other teacher tackling daily battles, overcoming the odds, sacrificing selflessly, and moving forward fearlessly, we salute you.