We work towards collective impact in low income neighbourhoods. We do this by following the Ranyaka Protocol and activating communities by following these steps.

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Community Profiling

We help communities understand their context through data collection and analysis, planning, and stakeholder mapping.

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Integrated Planning

We build project ‘pipeline’ and coordinate between public, private and NGO partners to achieve collective impact.

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After identifying community priorities, we act as community investment manager in distributing funds to implement projects.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We measure the improvement of communities against four overarching outcomes and 40 indicators. We call this framework the Ranyaka Protocol.


What differentiates Ranyaka from many other community development interventions is our ‘big picture’ understanding of the way in which places function.



We tend to focus on large towns, or secondary cities. As at the end of 2018, we work in ten neighbourhoods in three provinces.